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Getting Started

Thank you for your interest in learning more about Bluprint Financial and how we work with our clients.  Here is what you can anticipate.

The Bluprint for your Financial Future


Schedule your introductory call today.  This is typically done via phone.  We will explain our comprehensive life and financial planning services and learn about your intentions for a wealth management relationship. We have no investment asset minimums to become a client.  


After the introductory call, the second phase is to meet for a complimentary consultation with a Bluprint advisor to learn more about each other.  This visit can be done in person or virtually at your convenience.  Focusing on you, we garner as much information about your personal situation, so we can fully understand your goals and values.  We’ll explain our services and process and how we are compensated.

After our proposal and mutually agreed upon engagement, we enter the second phase of the discovery with data collection.


With all the information in mind, your advisor will crunch the numbers, analyze the data and pursue the universe to create your customized Bluprint Financial plan. We present our recommendations and alternatives and based upon your feedback, fine-tuning as needed.


This step enables you to implement the recommendations and us to assist in the process by selecting from the strategies and techniques identified.


We monitor your life plan and at regular scheduled visits, we evaluate the currently implemented recommendations relative to any changes in your situation.

Schedule Your Visit Today!

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We respect your privacy. Your information will be held in the strictest confidence.