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Fees For Service

Bluprint Financial believes that you should have choices in how you pay for our services and that compensation should be earned in a transparent manner that is reflective of the level of service you receive.


We believe that sound financial and investment management needs a foundational plan to help steer decisions for action.  At this time, we do not offer stand-alone investment planning services without a financial planning agreement.  

We customize our start up engagement based upon the services requested and the complexity of your financial circumstances.  Our one-time set up fees range from $250 to $10,000.  

Our annual financial planning fees are based upon different service models.  We offer four different service packages.  Our Essential Level is available for clients who require minimal meetings on a regular basis and are comfortable meeting online once per year.  Whereas our most comprehensive Pinnacle Level offers up to quarterly meetings in person or online and covers all the details for the successful business owner and wealthy families.

Annual Financial Planning Fees range as low as $39/month up to $10,000 annually


On occasion you might just need a professional’s advice for a particular topic or concern in your financial life.  Our hourly financial planning services are offered for $200/hour.   Please note that in order to best provide consideration for your objective we may require a more comprehensive review of your big picture in order to answer questions in one particular area.   This would be discussed during our initial visit.

Services falling in this area often include:
A Second Opinion of your current financial plan and investment portfolio

Decision Calculus for Retirement such as Social Security Maximization or a Pension Buyout

401k Plan Asset Allocation Review

Social and Environmental Screening of your Portfolio

Assistance with an Inheritance or Estate Distribution


Bluprint Financial currently offers investment management services only to clients who are active with a financial planning engagement.  Only through a strong understanding of your personal goals in life, both holistically and financially, can sound investment management truly happen.  We offer customized investment solutions for each client based upon their particular objectives, comfort with risk, and their personal values on life.

We do not have an account minimum for managing your investments.  Our investment management fees vary depending on the strategy being employed for your personal portfolio. Our advisory fees vary depending on your financial planning service package and your investment portfolio size.


Family protection and insurance needs analysis is included in our financial planning services for no additional fees.  Clients retail complete choice in using any insurance professional they desire for implementing their protection needs. However, clients choosing to implement new insurance solutions through Bluprint Financial should know that we are licensed insurance agents who will receive a commission directly from the insurance company chosen to work with.

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